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Burns London Split-Sonic redburst -64 #981, beg. (Stockholm)

Good condition, 6,5/10, lots of marks from Duct Tape used on the strap, been on tour with a famous Swedish band and played a lot, Made in England, replaced tuners with late 60´s Van Gendt but the original tuners are in the case (in need of restoration), someone has added a Bigsby on a plate (the bottom plate of the original bridge assembly and the original tremolo arm are in the case), 3 pickups, the outputjack plate has a repair where a new piece of black plastic has been added to support the outputjack, a few larger paint chips in the finish, including blue flight case, from online: "Production of the Split Sonic began in 1962 and ended in 1964. “Jazz” setting is the neck pickup, “Treble” is the bridge pickup, “Wild Dog” is out of phase, “Split Sound” is the bass side of the neck pickup and the treble side of the bridge pickup (Unique). Useful for finger picking or “The House Of The Rising Sun”. That is certainly the vibe and tone from this wonderful guitar. These burns Tri-Sonic pickups were used in Brian May’s self designed “Red Special” guitar."

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